Slow Paced Week

August 17, 2017

Hi again! Last week has been pretty slow paced, for me at least. I haven't started uni yet, soon though, so I'm currently enjoying the last weeks of my holiday and just keeping myself busy.

If you know me, I like keeping myself busy by cooking and doing art, as for the latter, I'm going to write about it some other time ;) This post is a recap of what I've cooked this week.

I enjoy finding new recipes and testing it out because I feel a sense of accomplishment when I succeed in one dish, and grateful that I don't always have to order some take-out or eat out in a restaurant when I can make it in my own kitchen.

This week, I made some simple garlic shrimp pasta, gyu-don (beef bowl), and gyoza:


Imaginary Conversations #1: If We Had Met Years Ago

August 13, 2017

If We Had Met Years Ago

We were laying on our balcony that Sunday afternoon. Drenched in the soft sunlight, the breeze warm and inviting. Bodies wrapped around each other.

"If we had met years ago, would you love me just the same?"
"Would you even love me?"

"Hmm, I think I would."

Cooking and Dancing (Again)

July 23, 2017

Hi everyone! So these past couple weeks have been pretty busy. I finally danced again after such a long time not dancing, especially with a crew. I also went to a contemporary dance workshop last week. Dancing again was fun and really took my mind off some things I don't really want to dwell on (haha).

A few days ago, I was craving for some Japanese comfort food, so I looked up on youtube for some recipes. I decided to make a katsudon with some tonkatsu! It came out great and really satisfied my cravings. So here's some pics of it:


Lost In Thoughts (Insecurities and Self Worth)

July 10, 2017

Time passes by, and without us realizing, summer is almost over and fall is just waiting right around the corner (although here in Jakarta we don't exactly have four different seasons, for this post, I'd like to put it that way, haha). These days I've been pretty lost in my thoughts, especially on warm summer nights, like tonight for instance.

As always, I tend to drown myself in songs when I'm self-reflecting. As cheesy as it sounds, songs make a good backdrop for my thoughts, like I'm suddenly whisked into a movie scene or an alternate universe, how things could or could have been. The lyrics are like fuel for my thoughts and inspire me to write something that I would have never thought of before I listened to a particular song.

As the seasons are shifting, I feel that my mood also took a shift into a more mellow tone.


Nothing Much (Quick Update)

July 05, 2017

Hi everyone! Nothing much has happened these days, that is why I've been MIA for awhile.
I just filled the days by watching some movies, youtube, scrolling through tumblr, instagram, and pinterest for daily source of inspiration.

I also got some bangs! (Pics coming up later) One day I just had the urge to cut it and probably because I was bored, so i asked my mom to cut my bangs. Well, it didn't turn out that good, so I went to the salon to get it fixed. So far I'm really liking this look although my forehead won't stop sweating because the weather gets pretty hot during the day.

I've also been working out these days (It's been so long since I moved my body properly, haha) and tried to "eat clean", but some days I just can't let go of my daily dose of bacon and eggs for breakfast.

So, yeah this is what I had for breakfast:

I had bacon and a sunny side up, plus some stir fried tofu with tomato, garlic, and sesame oil.  

- Maddy -

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